As summer in Penticton draws to a close and autumn settles into the South Okanagan valley, changes in our weather can be unpredictable. Thunderstorms and lightning can happen any time of year—but have you ever wondered what happens when lightning strikes a metal roof?

Metal Conductivity

Metal is conductive, meaning that energy flows through it easily. That’s very important and beneficial during a lightning strike because – if you have a metal roof – the electricity will flow straight to the ground without affecting your structure, its exterior, or anything inside.

Non-Combustible Material

During a thunderstorm, structures hit by lightning are at risk of catching fire. Traditional roofs with tar and asphalt tiling or wood shingles are constructed using several highly-combustible materials. This greatly increases the potential for a non-metal roof to catch fire after a lightning strike. Since a metal roof is made from materials that do not catch fire, it offers protection for your structure. This is why metal roofs are so popular in areas of the Okanagan valley that are prone to wildfires.

Class A Fire-Resistance Rating

Custom metal roofs and metal roofing panels have a Class A Fire-Resistance Rating. This is an essential feature to have in the event of a lightning strike. Metal is naturally resistant to fire. Composite and multi-layer metal roofs resist ignition and prevent the spread of fire. One of the major benefits of a Class A rating is the external spread of flame test which makes metal roofing effective against moderate to severe flame exposure or the extreme heat caused by a fire from a direct lightning strike.

Risks of a Traditional Shingled Roof

Building roofs are commonly hit by lightning because they are often the highest points in any given location. But traditional roofs with asphalt or wood shingles are even riskier in areas known for frequent thunder and lightning storms. Unlike custom metal roofs that conduct electricity and ground the energy away from the structure, traditional roofs absorb that energy and heat. This directed energy can cause the asphalt and wood roofing materials to catch fire.

Enhance Your Home or Business With a Custom Metal Roof

From renovations to new construction, Nielsen Roofing would like you to consider these benefits from a metal roof. We are happy to provide a quote for a metal roof installation, or any maintenance you might need. We serve Penticton and surrounding communities. Contact us today to discover more about all the benefits of custom metal roofing.
lightning storm passing over a green field