Here at Nielsen Roofing, we firmly believe that metal roofing is the best choice for both residential and commercial applications! Not only are these roofs incredibly strong, but the way they are made make them an environmentally-friendly option for any building. Metal roofs are made by overlapping a series of architecturally-designed, stylish, metal roof panels to create a cohesive and protective roof.
Metal roof panels are most often made from wrought iron-steel or steel sheets shaped into corrugated panels by a roll form. Before they are formed and cut, the metal sheeting is first coated with a protective layer of zinc or a composite made from silicon, aluminum, and zinc. The natural colour of a zinc finish is a popular choice, but the panels can also be factory painted in many different colours.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Metal is the most easily recycled material on the planet, and many metal roof panel manufacturers are now using a variety of metal scrap (aluminum, iron, steel) to create new metal roof panels. According to the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, most metal roof panels in Canada contain a minimum of 25% recycled metal.
Thinking about the environmental cost of traditional asphalt shingles? You can avoid adding this to our landfill by going with a metal roof. Asphalt roofs use oil in their production, add CO2 to the atmosphere as they are constructed, are heavy and expensive to deliver, may contribute to higher cooling cost in your home during the summer, only last between 12 – 20 years, and are a major contributor to landfills.
The following metal roof manufacturers are among many others that engage in sustainable manufacturing processes:
Not only are many metal roof panels on the Canadian market made from recycled materials, but all metal roofing panels are also 100% recyclable—making them the ideal choice for your residential or commercial roofing needs and a great thing for our environment!

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