While the summer is exciting in Penticton for outdoor activities, this is also the season for property owners to prepare their defences against wildfires. This is where metal roofs come into the picture. Metal roofs are considered fireproof. Yes, they do provide exceptional protection against fires, but they are not 100% resistant. Let’s explore further, shall we?

Will any metal do?

This is a pertinent question to ask. While metal won’t burn in a fire, not all metals will protect you equally. There are different classes of metal out there.
Fire ratings for roofs have three classes – Class A, Class B and Class C, with Class A being the most protective of all. At Nielsen Roofing, we install roofs while adhering to local building codes that factor in fire resilience. When it comes to Class A, aluminum is an ideal contender.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

  1. Minimal maintenance required
  2. Non-flammable
  3. Durable

Creating a protective barrier

Start by trimming any tree branches that are touching your roof. If you have gutters overflowing with leaves and sticks, keep them clean all summer long – dry leaves and vegetation can create the perfect conditions for sparks.

Be attentive to Roof Components

There is a lot that goes in making that roof over your head. Building codes will prescribe what is the best underlayer for your metal roof. We recommend vent covers that are less susceptible to melting and burning. While cost may be a factor, so is protecting your residential and commercial investment from wildfires. Watch for and repair any missing metal panels. Doing so may prevent an ember from clinging to vulnerable areas.


Thorough clean-up on and around your roof during the hot summer shouldn’t be forgotten. Occasionally, book Nielsen for a professional inspection for your roof. We know what to look for. Have water, garden hoses and tools handy to extinguish fires.

What to do when reroofing?

If you are contemplating reroofing, then get it right and make sure your choice of roof will protect you from fire. Go for durable and flame-retardant materials such as metal. Go for ones with a Class-A rating, as this will offer fire resistance in wildfire-prone areas.
Since 1946, Nielsen Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd has been providing metal roofing services. We come onsite upon request to discuss your residential or commercial roofing needs. Wishing you a safe and healthy summer!