When the time comes for you to replace your commercial or residential metal roof, what colour would you choose? While the colour largely depends on personal preference, there are certain considerations that just might help you decide. Our team have some thoughts on this! Please read on…

Match the exterior

One of the easiest ways to decide on a metal roof colour is to match your structure’s exterior. Whether you choose to coordinate with your exterior siding or contrast with it, matching your roof to your exterior helps to give your structure a cohesive look and a more balanced design.

Consider your climate

A darker coloured roof absorbs heat while lighter colours reflect it. Depending on where you live, you may want a darker metal roof to help keep your home heated and to reduce energy costs. If you live in a part of BC with many days of sun, a lighter colour may be a better option because the sun’s rays are reflected, and it can cost you less to keep the interior of your home cool. Read our blog on when to replace your metal roof.

Roofing Suppliers

The type of roof you have may determine the colours you can choose. Metal roof panels come in different profiles and suppliers produce certain colours, including bold, architecturally unique colours that make a home stand out.

Architectural style

The architecture and style of a building also play a factor in colour choice. Choose a lighter colour for your roof if your building envelope features many unique design elements, such as porches or turrets. If you have a historical home, you may want to pick a colour that corresponds to the style of the period.

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