Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular among homeowners as a roofing choice, and it is not hard to see why. Metal roofs are sturdy and stand up well to the temperature fluctuations we experience in the Okanagan. In fact, metal roofs can often outlive their property owner, not needing any replacements or repairs for long periods of time.
Whether aluminum or copper or zinc, or any of the various kinds of steels used in metal roofing, a metal roof is a durable roofing investment, and it does not require constant roofing maintenance.
However, there may be a time when you absolutely must replace your metal roof. When might this occur?
1. The fasteners on the roof are starting to “wallow out”
This problem might happen in a screw-down metal roof. A screw-down roof has the fasteners (which look like screws) exposed through the top of the panels. This type of roof does not really allow the panels to contract and expand. This then means that the fasteners get worn until they are too big for the actual screws that hold the metal panels together. When this happens, the roof might leak, or the wind get under the panels and lift them up.
If you discover the problem quickly, you could replace the screws with larger ones. However, it is recommended that even if only one panel has the problem, you should replace the entire roof. It is better for your house and money in the long run.
2. The panels have storm damage
If there is any damage to the panels, then you need to consider a roof replacement. The most common natural damage to panels is usually caused by occurrences like extreme storms, hail, and wind. It may also be caused by falling tree limbs or trees. Basically, anything that causes large dents, scratches, or tears may necessitate a roof replacement. Ask the pros at Nielsen Roofing for their opinion and a free quote!
3. The finish on your roof is damaged
This usually happens with a standing seam roof. A standing seam metal roof system is when a series of panels are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically. This allows the seams to expand or contract as the metal heats up or cools down. These panels are protected by a painted finish, which protects the material from the elements and ensures that the color you choose does not fade, usually with a 30-year paint warranty.
If the painted finish is damaged, scratched, or dented, your roof may be more vulnerable to damage. Things like heavy hail damage or falling tree limbs may damage your painted finish, so you should be mindful of this.
If you start seeing a lot of rust or color fading on your metal panels, then it’s likely your warranty has expired on your painted finish. We can check your warranty to see if you should begin considering replacing the roof or at least repairing it.

We Specialize in Metal Roofs

It’s difficult for homeowners to know when to replace a metal roof. If you aren’t sure, why not have us come for a look? Since 1946, Nielsen Roofing has been replacing roofs, and we know take the worry out of the equation. Contact us today!