Summertime is just around the corner! Before we start heating up in the Okanagan, you might want to check on your attic. As a roofing company, the pros at Nielsen Roofing want to keep your home safe. If your attic is too hot, it can cause a number of problems, from overheating and increasing energy bills to mould growth. Here are five simple ways to keep your attic cool during the Okanagan summer months:

1. Check Your Insulation

Make sure you have adequate insulation. Check for any spaces between the wood frame on the floor of your attic, and place in high R-value insulation batts. What’s the right R-Value? Make sure that all gaps and cracks in the walls and ceiling are sealed with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent air leakage. Insulating your attic will help prevent warm air from entering and reduce the amount of heat build-up inside.

2. Ventilation

Another way to keep your attic cool is by making sure that it has proper ventilation. Proper ventilation will ensure that warm air escapes through roof vents or ceiling fans while cooler air enters through other openings. A roofing expert can advise on what is needed for the square footage of your house or commercial building.

3. Add An Attic Fan

A great way to keep your attic cool during the summer months is by installing an attic fan. An attic fan works by pushing warm air out of the house while drawing in cooler outside air. This helps maintain a cooler temperature in the attic which can help reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable overall.

4. Plant Shade Trees & Awnings

Shade trees planted near your home, that cover parts or all of your roof, can provide additional protection against direct sunlight entering your home’s interior spaces. Installing awnings around windows will also help reduce direct sunlight exposure and any heat moving up inside your house into the attic – while adding a stylish aesthetic touch at the same time!

5. Solar Roller Shades

Finally, if your attic has windows, don’t forget solar roller shades can be installed there as well as other places in your home. They will block direct sunlight from entering the space during hot summer days, preventing additional heat buildup during peak times of the day when temperatures are at their highest.

Call Nielsen Roofing For a Free Metal Roof Estimate

The Nielsen Roofing team are busy all summer long installing metal roofs. Beat the rush and have us come out today to look at your roof and attic! Making sure that all areas are sealed tightly against drafts and adding insulation where needed, as well as installing ventilation systems and fans as applicable – this is a great project for the winter/spring.
Then you can be assured knowing that temperatures even in this most difficult-to-reach part of the house remain consistent despite extreme conditions outside!
Reach out to us today to discuss any of these cooling options for your home.