With the summer months fast approaching, and gas prices hitting an all-time high, it’s natural to think about the temperature inside your home and what you can do about cooling expenses! Without proper ventilation in your roof, issues could arise that make the interior of your home uncomfortable, expensive to heat and cool, and prone to a buildup of moisture and humidity.
Metal roofs are no different than asphalt in this regard. The team at Nielsen Roofing offer three reasons why roofs need to be ventilated:

Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

The air in your home needs to be able to circulate, or it will become stale and stagnant. If you live in a rainy climate, such as the Lower Mainland, a lack of air circulation can also increase a home’s moisture and humidity levels. Even in the Okanagan, where our winters are quite mild, if humidity is too high, without air circulating under a roof one may get black mould growing or see watermarks on the ceiling and walls. This poor ventilation and humidity can also damage your roof in the long term. Even though metal roofs last a long time, they may need replacing much sooner than usual.

May Void Roof Installation and Material Warranties

Metal roofs are always guaranteed through manufacturer and installer warranties. Manufacturers guarantee the metal sheets used to construct a roof, while our Nielsen installer warranty covers our workmanship and how those materials were installed. If your roof is damaged due to lack of ventilation, your warranties will likely not be honoured. Paying out of pocket due to a voided warranty can sting—especially when you’ve already made a big investment in your roof. That’s why we always include vents in every quote, and we can come onsite to check your venting at your request.

Keep Upper Floors Cool in Summer

A properly ventilated roof cycles hot air out and brings cooler air inside in the summer. Without ventilation, the air in your home can’t escape, making it very hot and uncomfortable for people inside. Even with your air conditioning unit running full blast, it can take much more energy to cool down your home if the hot air isn’t allowed to escape naturally through your roof’s ventilation system. This can lead to a large energy bill and a waste of resources.

Call For a Ventilation Checkup

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