The obvious signs you need to re-roof are leaks and water damaged ceilings and walls, but before that happens, check your roof periodically (especially after storms) for signs of damage. Roof repairs completed in the early stages will save you money on structural repairs that happen with advanced damage. Signs and symptoms to watch for will match your choice in roofing, as all building material has a product lifespan. What is your current roofing material? Cedar shingles need replacement if they are split beyond natural weathering, curled or frayed. Several factors affect the life of your cedar shingles including the type and quality of cedar used and how well the attic below is ventilated. On average cedar roofs last about 25 years. When the time comes to re-roof, you may want to consider a more durable alternative such as faux cedar or fiber cement.
Ponding, or the pooling of water on your roof, is especially problematic for flat or low-slope roofs. Ponding will deform the deck structure by increasing the load as the water accumulates with the risk of compromising structural integrity. The proper design, installation and maintenance of your roof can prevent ponding and the adverse effects. If ponding is a problem on your roof, call us for an on-site consultation. We will inspect the integrity of the roof and repair the problem or recommend a re-roof. Best practices to manage ponding water include the consideration of your roof’s structural frame, drains and gutters, and waterproof membranes that may be damaged. Flat roofs are ideal for large commercial buildings and we serve industrial clients throughout the South Okanagan with flat roof installations and repairs.
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Understanding the Structural Settling of Re-Roofs

Professional consultations are important when considering a re-roof for several reasons, including the need to choose the correct roofing material and understand the structural integrity of your roof. Changing to a heavier roofing material may cause compression fractures in drywall as the additional weight causes settling in the home’s structural framing. The roof framing must be adequate to support the additional weight. Given time, shifting is a natural occurrence and most often, is not cause for alarm.

Do you need a re-roof?

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