With summer just around the corner, people all over BC are heading to the backwoods—and settling into cabin life! At cabins within the Interior, people are making the switch from traditional asphalt shingle and cedar-shake roofs to metal roofs. Here are a few reasons why quality metal roofs are a great investment for this type of property:

Cool and Comfortable

A metal roof is a great choice for summer homes because they keep the interior cool and comfortable. Metal roofs allow for easy ventilation and are a great foundation for energy-efficient foam insulation. Many homes or cabins don’t have air conditioners, but they can hold in the heat. You can also select a metal roof in a light colour or have it sprayed with a reflective coating to keep the sun’s rays at bay.


A major reason why metal roofs are trending in BC’s backwoods is because they’re so easy to care for and maintain! Metal roofs are often made from one solid piece of metal or a series of metal roof panels. The durable, strong metal is designed to withstand the elements of rain, wind, and debris. Durable surface coatings also protect metal roofs from premature rust and weather wear.


Metal roofs are designed to last a lifetime—they can last anywhere from 40 years to 200 years, depending on the combination of metals used. Putting a metal roof on your cabin is an ideal way to preserve the integrity of your structure long term. And you save on the hassle of bringing in roofers for repairs or replacements – for many, many years!


We are so lucky to enjoy the stunning natural wild beauty of BC’s backcountry, and in the woods, we want to do everything we can to put the environment first. Metal roofs are typically made from 100% recycled and recovered metals. Using reclaimed metal reduces the extraction of new raw ores and reduces or eliminates many of the processes involved in the transportation, refining, and storage of those raw materials. Recycling also keeps metals out of the landfill and prevents harmful toxins from leaching into the groundwater and soil. Metal roofs keep BC looking beautiful!
A small cabin is nestled in the woods

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