We believe metal roofs are the ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings any time of year, and summer is no exception. The design and materials used for metal roofs can reduce your energy costs by keeping your buildings cool. It’s the following features of a metal roof that we can thank for this!

Reflects Light and Heat

Traditional asphalt shingles absorb heat and may contribute to a home or business feeling unseasonably warm. A metal roof is ideal for our hot Okanagan climate because it reflects light and heat. Spray-on coatings like “Cool Roof” can increase the reflection and prevent the air directly under the roof from becoming hot and moving to other areas of the building. Metal roofs are also available in a wide range of colours. Choose a light colour roof like white or cream or a reflective colour like silver to maximize the cooling effect.

Easy to Insulate

Metal roofs help to reduce your AC bill because they are easy to insulate with spray foam or fiberglass baffles. This insulation works to keep cool, air-conditioned air inside and the hot summer air outside. A well-insulated metal roof also keeps energy costs down and reduces your carbon footprint because you aren’t using your cooling systems when you don’t need to.

We Design Ventilation into Every Roof

The design of metal roofs for homes and commercial buildings allows plenty of ventilation. This helps your thermostat to regulate the building’s temperature efficiently. This is particularly useful for industrial buildings—many of which need proper airflow for comfort and healthy air quality. The ventilation added to metal roofs also helps to regulate your building’s humidity levels.

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