As winter approaches and snow starts to fall, we often worry about seasonal damage to our roofs, especially if we find a water stain on the ceiling and suspect a leak. Here’s three tips from the team at Nielsen Roofing & Sheet Metal to keep you warm and cozy inside under the protection of your roof this winter.

1. Prevent Ice Damming

The membrane installed under roofing material may help prevent leaks caused by ice damming, but membranes don’t stop them from forming. Ice dams are caused by warm air rising to the attic and warming the roof unevenly. When the outside temperature drops and snow falls on your roof, it melts in patches causing ice to form on top or under roofing material. The damage happens when ice expands and stresses or cracks the shingles. Meltwater moves down the roof with gravity until it reaches the eaves. When this happens, an ice block, or dam, occurs because the eaves extend off the roof and stay cold. Eventually, the weight of the ice can rip your eaves off. A temporary fix is to install heat tape or ice melt socks, but this method when used long term, results in expensive energy waste and more damage to your roof. The only true solution to ice damming is proper insulation and venting. Call us for more information on roof damming prevention and repairs. If this is a recurring problem for you, we will visit you on-site to determine exactly what’s causing the ice to form on your roof, and offer solutions for a permanent fix.

2. Check the Flashing

If the flashing around skylights, the chimney or vents is cracked, water can seep through causing leaks and underlying damage to your roof. Hopefully you’ve inspected the integrity of the flashing pre-season, but if this is a concern and you find a leak seeping through your ceiling, call us for a safe inspection and repairs before more damage is done.

3. Remove Snow Loads

Be careful with this one. It’s important to remove snow to prevent ice dams and take the excess load off your roof. But – safety first! A steep pitched roof can be dangerous and slippery. If you plan on building a new home with a steep roof or re-roofing, you may want to consider a metal roof that sheds snow on its own. Before you build, call us to discuss your options on metal roofing, taking our seasonal challenges into consideration.

Need roof repairs?

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